Meet our passionate, fun & high-energy team!



Founder – Head of Marketing & Strategy

Jess’ week is jam-packed with high-level management, including discovery calls with new leads, 1:1 client calls, strategy workshops, mentoring, paid ads training, responding to lotsss of emails, leading the JSM team and more!

👚 Jess launched a loungewear brand with her husband, encouraging others to do good things without reason.

☕ She loves the smell of coffee, but hates the taste. Hot chocolate or tea is the preference!

🎶 Her Dad wanted her initials to sound like her name [Jessica Emily Shipton] – hence the business name: JES Solution Marketing. [Her initials with her married name, JEP, don’t quite have the same ring to it] 🤣



Marketing & Account Manager

Nicole’s week involves developing overall marketing strategies for clients as their dedicated Account Manager. She is also responsible for facilitating monthly Client Strategy Calls and preparing for meetings.

🐱 Nicole is a massive animal lover, having rescued two dogs and three cats – and somehow, they all live together peacefully!

🧵 She loves designing and making her own clothes – almost opting to study fashion design!

🎶 Nicole loves writing music, singing and can play multiple instruments. She has written musical scores for short films, as well as her own original songs.



Digital & Social Media Marketing Assistant

Ella’s week is primarily focused on the strategy implementation of Google & Meta Ads Management clients, as well as creating monthly organic social media content calendars for JSM and our clients.

👩🏻‍🎓 Ella will graduate at the end of 2023 with a double degree of Marketing & Media Communications.

🍕 She is a big advocate for pineapple on pizza – and loves it SO much that it could be the last meal she eats.

🧘🏻‍♀️ Outside of work, you’ll find Ella in the pilates studio, scrolling through TikTok or out for dinner & drinks.

Here’s a bit about our Founder!

Hey, I’m Jess – the Founder of JES Solution Marketing [we call it JSM for short; feel free to do the same!]

I’m the Head of Marketing & Strategy – and will be your go-to on our discovery calls and in any 1:1 services I may be lucky enough to get to work with you on!

I started JSM over six years ago with a passion to help business owners realise their potential and help them achieve that.

You know that moment when you’re listening to someone talk about their big business and personal life goal, and their eyes light up, they talk a bit faster & they are oozing passion?

Yeah, that. Gah, I live for that stuff.

I love playing a small part in helping people achieve those milestone moments!

When I reflect on growing up, it’s easy for me to recognise that I have always had some sort of entrepreneurial flare.

Both my parents work from home as accountants, and my younger sister owns her own cake decorating business Bare & Berries.

Growing up, I loved playing board games like Cashflow for Kids at home 🤣 Yes, it was a thing. I told you I had accountants for parents!

I created multiple ‘side hustles’ for myself. From a massage company for neighbours down the street and a newsletter for my family sent every fortnight, to paying my parents $0.50 a week to ‘hire’ the study where I [lovingnly] forced my sister to run JITS Society with me.

‘Jobs in the Study’ included roles that we were *obviously* very skilled in, such as a [temporary] tattoo artist, doctor, psychologist and masseuse.

There were many other little projects that I managed to convince my family to join me in. From makeshift at-home ‘Gold Class on Rollerblades’ and piano concerts to public speaking or computer lessons with Jess – it’s pretty clear I’ve always had some spark of entrepreneurship within me. You thought I was joking…?

I graduated university in 2017…

Although I originally wanted to go into travel journalism [and basically be the next Australian Getaway TV presenter, like Catriona Rowntree], I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney at the end of 2017 with a Bachelor of Communications.

I had completed a double major in Digital & Social Media and Public Communications [Advertising].

Around the same time, I did something that I never thought I would do.

With the industry experience that I had gained working in a marketing agency and the qualifications I received from university, I started up my own business as a digital and social media marketing freelancer.

It began as simply helping out an old workplace of mine advertise on Facebook.

However, over the months that followed, the number of clients I was working with grew. 

If you had told high-school Jess that she would become her own boss at 21, she would have laughed right in your face.

But here I am, more than 6 years later.

Still kind of laughing, but having a heck of a lot of fun along the way.

I have completed various industry-specific certifications, including HubSpot Inbound Methodology, Google AdWords Fundamentals and Google Mobile Advertising.

I am continuing to grow and develop my skills further, always making sure I have my finger on the pulse in this digital world, while I also implement the knowledge I have of digital and social media marketing.

Most self-employed people would say that the beginning of the business journey isn’t easy.

Yepppp, can confirm.

Growing a business is hard work and it takes a lot of investment, but here’s something I’ve learnt:

If you aren’t willing to struggle for it, then you’re not passionate enough.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about other business owners that are giving it a red-hot crack!

Our core values at JSM include…



We have your business’ best interest at heart and are always looking for new strategies and ideas to implement to scale!



We don’t gatekeep results or strategy, because we work with you as a team and share what’s working and what’s not.



Our clients know that they can trust our strategy recommendations, because we always share with them the ‘why’ behind our decisions.



We are an extension of your team – cheering you on and celebrating your wins, and exploring how to work through the challenges, together.



Our high-energy, fun approach to marketing is infectious. We want you to fall in love with marketing again [even if that means doing so because you’ve outsourced it to us!]

As a JES Solution Marketing client, you will not only be receiving support from a small team of digital and social media marketers, but you will have full-time cheerleaders on board your team – regardless of whether you invest in a 1:1 with me or an ongoing ads management package!

I can guarantee that I will be equally passionate about growing + scaling your business online as you are.

So if you’re looking at taking your business to the next level with paid ads, then let’s chat!

How Can Our Team Help?

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are our jam. Whether it’s strategy consults, done-for-you Ads Management, Mentorship or 1:1 Facebook Ads training. Read more about how JES Solution Marketing can help you.