Please read through the following frequently asked questions.

If you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact me using the form below.

What is involved in the consultation?

The consultation is an initial discussion that we will have either over the phone or face-to-face (I prefer the latter, if possible). It will begin as an introduction in which we quickly go over the consultation form that you filled out prior. This will give you the chance to explain your business and the goals you wish to achieve, so we are definitely on the same page.

I will most likely be taking a lot of notes, but I’ll be all ears! Once we have discussed the purpose of the consultation, I will be able to gauge whether my services will benefit you and your business and how.

How much does a consultation cost?
Your first consultation is completely free of charge for up to two hours. We will discuss my subsequent rates and your budget during the consultation.
I've contacted you about a free consultation, what's next?

Within 24hrs of contacting me, you will receive an email back from a very excited Jess! The email will include an attached PDF for you to fill out and email back to me. This pre-consultation form will provide me with a better understanding of your business, what you are wishing to achieve and the services I provide which may benefit you.

What happens after the consultation?

The consultation is absolutely free of obligation. At that time, we will both consider whether we can work together to achieve your business goals.

If we both agree that we are good fit for each other, then you will also have the option of receiving a detailed and billable proposal. This includes a review of the current online presence for the business, recommendations and proposed strategies and a suggested budget to fit with yours.

If I choose to work with you, am I locked in?
In order to see results first, I appreciate when my clients allow a three-month trial period. This ensures that the implemented strategy is given enough time to be fine-tuned to cater to your business’ specific needs and goals subject to your budget.

We can then review the performance and I will advise you of any recommendations for improvement. However, by no means are you locked into a contract to work with me.

How much could I expect to spend?
My rates include reimbursement for advertising costs and my implementation costs, which will be discussed at our consultation. We will also talk about the budget you are comfortable with, however, please keep in mind that the budget does determine the type of results that you can expect.
I don't really need anything other than some advice and direction. Can you help me?

I currently provide various Online Review packages. The packages include a review of your business’ social media accounts and/or website, and provide suggestions and recommendations for you to take on board in moving forward.

Once you have received the Review, if you decide that you would like a more detailed and thorough proposal of strategies, the cost of the Review will be deducted from the total cost of the proposal.

I want to work with you. What's the process?

The usual process I go through with clients are the following:
1. Consultation
2. Proposal
3. Strategy Implementation.

Your first, free and non-obligatory consultation will allow us to discuss the business direction and gauge whether we are a good fit for each other. I will provide brief advice and suggestions, but for a more detailed and thorough understanding of the recommended strategies, you will have the opportunity to receive a detailed proposal.

Once the proposal is received by the potential client, we discuss whether or not we believe a working relationship will be beneficial and whether the proposed strategies will be implemented.

If the client chooses to work with me, we get started on working together to build their online presence by implementing the strategies proposed.

What is a proposal?

The proposal is a billable document and includes a:

  • Review of the current online efforts in place by the business
  • Detailed breakdown of the [search engine marketing / social media marketing / content marketing] strategies that we have discussed to implement
  • Suggested budget.

The proposal acts as a blueprint and guideline for the implementation process and provides you with the strategy covered thoroughly in a single document.

If I receive a strategy proposal, does that mean we begin working together?

By choosing to receive a proposal, you are not agreeing to working with me. Rather, you have asked for a more detailed document providing both a thorough analysis of the business’ current marketing efforts and online presence, as well as a comprehensive guide of the recommended strategies to implement and suggested budget.

Due to its extent of detail, this is a comprehensive blueprint for your business strategy and is therefore billable regardless of whether we work together or not.

Do you charge a set fee or an hourly rate?

Due to the complexity and duration of projects varying, my implementation costs are charged at an hourly rate. I keep a work log of how much time is spent completing each line item, with a description of what is involved recorded on each invoice. Once we begin working together, an invoice is typically sent each fortnight.

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