So you want to grow your Instagram account?

Heck yes!

You see, here’s the thing: every man and their dog wants that 10k swipe feature.

(No seriously, have you seen the amount of dog accounts on Insta?)

(We’re not complaining though…)

Trust me, I get it. Gaining followers is important.

But using bots or buying likes and followers isn’t going to cut it.

Shortcuts aren’t the way to go.

Why? Because your followers aren’t qualified.

You wouldn’t pay people to be your friends.

(I mean, unless you’re super desperate, maybe?
But still, that’s weird, right?) 

Same thing. You shouldn’t buy followers, because their interest and engagement in your brand isn’t genuine

They’re there because you told (or paid) them to be.

And that’s not how you grow a business the right way.

that’s why i created the


To show you 20 ways you can grow on the Gram the “No BS” way! You in?