So you’ve decided to invest in influencer outreach to help spread the word about your brand, but the only problem is that you’ve received no emails back! The only thing you’re hearing is crickets…

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for reaching out to influencers, including everything from choosing the right influencer for your brand to writing the perfect introduction email.

Tip 1 for Influencer Outreach: Find your perfect match!

Influencer outreach is all about building mutually beneficial relationships, so it’s important to consider the representatives of your brand carefully. Ideally, ambassadors should align with your brand’s niche or values, as this will increase the likelihood of your brand resonating with their audience. 

Influencers want to appear genuine and, as a result, are unlikely to recommend brands that don’t relate to their online persona. Because of this, both you and your influencer will gain the most value from a partnership that complements both parties. 

In other words, if you want to promote your brand’s new cleaning product, you’re probably not going to get a response from that influencer who primarily shares fashion hauls.

Instead, try to find a creator who posts lifestyle and home content, particularly organisational or cleaning before and afters! Not only will this influencer be more inclined to collaborate with you, but their followers will have a greater interest in your products.

We recommend curating your list of influencers into a Google Spreadsheet, so you can organise all of their details in one place including their account handles, follower count and media kit (ie. links, packages and rates, usage fees, case studies and portfolio).

We’ve created a handy spreadsheet that you can use as your own influencer outreach tracking template.

In addition to this, it’s a great way to keep track of whether you’ve sent the initial email, followed up, sent product and received the deliverables agreed upon. 

Most of the time, the influencers will have their email address in their bio or linked in a contact button. We always recommend reaching out via email.

If the email is a generic or email for example, you will likely be emailing the creator themselves. If the domain is a marketing agency or management company, you’ll be emailing the management team that represents them.

If you can’t seem to find an email anywhere, send them a direct message request their best marketing email address to send further information.

TOP TIP: We suggest keeping an eye out for creators that already make content in your industry by following relevant hashtags!

Tip 2 for Influencer Outreach: Don’t be a stranger!

Once you’ve identified an influencer that you would like to work with, start interacting with their content by liking their posts, reacting to their stories, and leaving comments on their page. 

It is important to note here that authenticity is key! The creators you are reaching out to likely have many other brands engaging with their content. How will your brand stand out from the influx of engagement they get? 

Although these gestures may be small, they act as the perfect icebreaker and will initiate a connection prior to your formal outreach email. These interactions help you display your support for a creator which will make them want to return the favour by working with your brand.

HOT TIP: Use the creator’s name when engaging with their content.

For example, rather than commenting, ‘This looks so good on you, lovely!’ – which their comments are likely already riddled with, share something that will make them realise you’re taking notice.

Instead, you could reply to their Story or comment on their post with, ‘That shade of lipstick matches your new hair colour so well, Bec!’ 

Calling someone by name and genuinely taking an interest in their life makes a noticeable difference, particularly when the rest of the noise sounds like everything else. 

Tip 3 for Influencer Outreach: Write your outreach email!

Firstly, you need to determine the goal of your email.

This goal may be gaining permission to gift them a product, requesting a series of paid posts, or simply seeking what kinds of content and pricing they offer. Whatever you aim, make sure you have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve before you start writing.

Next, focus on writing an enticing subject line. This step can be ‘make or break’ with email outreach as it determines whether your message will even get opened.

Here are a few options below:

  • Want to give our [product name] a try, [first name?]
  • Would you like to be our latest ambassador, [first name]?
  • Collaboration Opportunity: [Your Brand Name] x [Influencer’s Name]

If you’re offering a paid collaboration, mentioning this in the subject line will grab their attention even quicker!

Finally, write the outreach email to your influencer of choice.

We recommend that you always keep it professional, but don’t be afraid to inject some of your brand’s personality into your message, as this will make you more likeable and help the influencer get to know you better.

A simple formula to follow might go a bit like this:

  1. Greet the influencer (if you’re sending to an influencer management agency, address the name in the email address or write ‘Influencer Name & Team’)
  2. Introduce yourself and your brand (don’t forget to provide links to your socials for easy access)
  3. Mention why you think this influencer would be a good fit (this is a great place to mention your brand values)
  4. Outline the goal of your email
  5. Provide your contact information
  6. Thank them for their time

Here’s a simple Influencer Outreach email template that you can copy, paste and tweak:

Hi [influencer’s name]

I’m [your name] from [your company]. We are a [introduce your company in one sentence]. You can check out our website and social media here [insert hyperlinks].

I’m reaching out to discuss ways of collaborating with you in sharing our [product/service name] with your audience. 

We really love the content you share, in particular how you inject [unique aspect of influencer’s content that aligns with your brand] into what you post online – something we align with as a brand.

Would you be interested in [goal of email]

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

[your name]
[contact information]

Be sure to let us know if these influencer outreach tips, templates and resources were helpful!

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