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Who is the Monthly Social Media Content Schedule designed for?

We see you. You have a library of images and videos, but don’t know what or when to post? You’re looking for time to write captions and schedule your content? [Ha, time – what even is that?!]

You enjoy using social media to engage with others and actually be social, but to create, write and post content as well [!!!] is asking a lot.

Your current strategy looks a bit like posting whatever, whenever with zero plan or strategy.

But you know for a fact that when you’re sharing the behind-the-scenes, the customer love and your products or services online, you naturally attract more leads and sales! 

We get it. And that’s why we created the Social Media Scheduling package that leaves out the daily engagement with your online community that you actually enjoy [and that you’re not really sure those other agencies actually do].

Instead, we leave the social-side of social media up to you, and focus on what we do best – the planning, strategy, content curation & scheduling side!

PLEASE NOTE: These packages do not include:

– The production of content, such as images or videos. [We make edits to your raw images & videos as necessary, including finding audio, adding text or transitions, trimming and splicing. However, you are responsible for providing us with the content].

– Community management, such as responding to DMs, posting on your Stories, replying to post comments or Story replies, and engaging with other accounts.

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