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User-generated Content vs. Influencer Marketing?

UGC is a great way to introduce audiences to a product or service in a way that feels authentic but is presented by everyday people that are relatable to your target audience. 

For creators, becoming a user-generated content creator is super attractive, because you don’t need a big following attached to your social media presence to start making money! You just need to be up to date with the latest trends, comfortable in front of the camera and great at creating engaging videos!

Not only is this a great incentive for creators, but for brands – engaging with smaller, everyday creators [rather than huge brands with thousands of followers], means that it’s much more affordable than influencer marketing! [Not to mention, you can couple UGC with paid ads and drive some incredible results!]

While influencer marketing is a fantastic way to to increase brand awareness through reach and exposure, investing in UGC leverages the skill and strategy of content creators to create authentic content for you. 

Who is the User-generated Content Creation package designed for?

Let’s be real. The average social media user is pretty clued up when it comes to identifying targeted ads and sponsored posts. You can probably tell as a consumer yourself. 

Skipping ads is something we’re all guilty of. But how do we stop potential customers from scrolling past your content – or more importantly, your ads that you’re paying money to Zuck for?

It’s quite simple really. By creating ads that don’t look or feel like ads.  In other words – implementing user-generated content [UGC].

If you’re struggling with creating scroll-stopping content, perhaps it’s because it’s coming across too sales-y! Investing in a UGC package will allow you to outsource your content creation, so you have a library of ready-to-post videos with different people’s faces that you can use for organic social media or paid ads.

This might include unboxing videos or try-on hauls, styling videos or taste-testing  – whatever suits your brand! 



of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions


higher conversion rate with UGC than traditional campaigns


of millenials find traditional brand ads engaging & trustworthy enough to be worth a click-through

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3. Review & Post

You’ll receive one round of revision in case you would like us to make any editing changes [we don’t re-film, as we like to keep this looking genuine]. We’ll send you the final files to use with three months of paid ads usage rights.

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