a QUICK heads up on paid ads:

There are a few ducks you need to have in a row to make an absolute quack-er [😉] of a marketing strategy! 

Paid ads are a BIG investment of time and money, and without the right things ticked off the list first, you're trying to light a fire with ads – rather than pour fuel onto an already-burning fire! 🔥

If you're not sure if paid ads are the best next step for you – watch this video!

Keep reading below for a checklist of who we work with and our client criteria.

    who we work with:

    Our Ads Management services are the perfect way to outsource your paid ads creation, strategy, optimisation, reporting and scaling to a team of experts that live and breathe paid ads platforms every single day.

    If you don't want to invest in an in-house full-time paid ads strategist, outsourcing to a boutique marketing agency is a great way to save on paying an annual salary.

    We work with service-based and e-commerce businesses that are generating consistent sales and leads each month already, and are looking to scale further with Google and/or Meta Ads. 

    We suggest paid ads as the next best investment for brands who have already invested in a mobile-optimised, high-converting website and email marketing, and are making a minimum of $50k per month in revenue.


      client criteria:

      Investing in Meta Ads or Google Ads Management? Please read through our Paid Ads client criteria below before filling out the contact form. This is to ensure we are both setting our working relationship up for success.

      You must:

      • Have a product and/or service that already exists and is generating you consistent sales or leads already – we do not advertise a product or service that is being launched for the very first time or isn't making consistent leads/sales.
      • Be willing to invest a minimum of $3000 per month [approx. $100/day] towards ad spend for a minimum of three months. [Please note Ads Management fees are in addition to ad spend]. 
      • Have genuine testimonials or reviews from real clients that you have worked with and/or customers that have purchased from you.
      • Have an online presence, including an active Facebook page and Instagram account.
      • Have necessary email marketing nurture sequences and flows set up already [eg. welcome series, freebie sequences, abandoned carts etc].
      • Have a mobile-optimised website that is driving consistent daily traffic and conversions.
      • Have a library of images and video content that we can use as a basis for our ad creative.

      Not required, but nice-to-have:

      • Minimum monthly recurring revenue of $50k. This ensures that you're not dipping into your savings and that you're still walking away with money in your back pocket after taking into account monthly ads mangement fees, plus ad spend.
      • The Facebook Pixel and Google Tag already installed on your website, which is tracking valuable data to be used for ads. This gives us a head start with ads!

      Meet the client criteria above?

      Let’s discuss the potential for scaling your business’ online presence.
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