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Hey, I’m Jess! 👋🏻

A digital and social media marketer, and the Founder of JES Solution Marketing [JSM].

Here at JSM, we have a passion for helping business owners who are already generating leads or making sales consistently online, and are ready to take their business to the next level by scaling with paid ads! 🔥

We specialise in Facebook Ads and Google Ads, providing a few different packages you can learn more about below!


DIY Self-paced Course

Sometimes, outsourcing is not feasible as you’re starting out. That’s why I packaged up *everything* I know about Facebook and Instagram Ads into this six-module self-paced course.

It is perfect for business owners selling a product or service online through their website, and wanting to learn how to DIY their own strategic marketing funnel through paid Facebook and Instagram Ads.

This course is also perfect for Digital & Social Media Managers or Marketers wanting to upskill in paid ads via Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Ads Done-in-a-Day

Jump the Ads Management waitlist queue, and book out my calendar for a full 9-5 day to set up your *entire* Facebook and Instagram Ads funnel with ready-to-go, strategic campaigns, target audiences, and ads.

[Don’t worry, I heard the heaven gates open and the angel voices too 😇😉]

This is the perfect packag for service-based or e-commerce business owners needing their ad campaigns set up quickly and strategically by an Ads Manager, but want to keep the ongoing campaign optimisation in-house to save on management fees.

8Wk Ads Set-Up & 1:1 Training

Looking to have an experienced Ads Manager walk you through setting up your entire Facebook and Instagram Ads marketing funnel? This 8-Week training is perfect for service-based or e-commerce business owners seeking an Ads Manager to guide them through creating and implementing a marketing funnel, while providing comprehensive Facebook and Instagram Ads training.

By Week 2, your ads will be live! And for the full 8 weeks, you’ll have my 1:1 support. You’ll walk away with confidence in Ads Manager moving forward to save on management fees.

Done-for-you Ads Management

Our done-for-you Facebook and Instagram Ads Management package is perfect for small-to-medium business owners who want to take a step back from running ads for their business. Instead, they want to leave the ad strategy, campaign set up and ongoing management to the experts [oh hey, that’s us 🙋🏻‍♀️].

With a dedicated Ads Manager on your team to set up a strategic marketing funnel for your service-based or e-commerce business, you can ensure your campaigns will be continually monitored and optimised to ensure your ads are running cost-effectively.

Why Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Social media marketing through Facebook and Instagram Advertising is a great way to use information about your target market, such as their demographic, interests and behaviours, to show up in front of the right audience at the right time, with the right content.

Not only are Facebook and Instagram Ads a great way to reach these new, potential customers or clients, but the stats don’t lie when it comes to the number of people who use these platforms.

With approx. 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. Instagram, high up there too, with roughly 1 billion active users.

Meet your existing and potential clients and customers where they would already be.

It’s highly likely your target audience is a user of at least one of those platforms, and more often than not – both. Consequently, Facebook and Instagram Ads are a great investment for businesses looking to increase their reach and get their brand in front of ideal customers or clients that may not even know they want or need your product or service. 

With powerful targeting capabilities, Facebook and Instagram Ads that are set up effectively through strategic campaigns via Ads Manager is the best way to reach new people with your business. [Yep – Instagram is owned by Facebook, so any Instagram Ads are done through there too…and you can target both platforms with your ads at the same time for no extra cost 🙌 #YesPlease]

As creepy as it sounds, Facebook almost knows you better than your mum does 👀

With the right website conversion tracking and audience targeting set up, we can select certain objectives for your campaign to let Facebook Ad Manager’s machine learning do the heavy lifting for us and find people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Not to mention, you can track user activity on your website through the Facebook pixel and Conversions API, and as a result, re-target people who have:

👉 visited your website [or certain pages]
👉 downloaded a free guide
👉 viewed a certain product
👉 abandoned their cart
👉 plus *so* much more

THEN [!!] you can leverage that valuable data and find brand new users who are similar to your engaged audiences. 

Yep. Mind blown 🤯 [And that’s exactly why you’re still seeing that pair of shoes you added to your cart last week pop up in your Instagram feed with a cheeky discount code].

So! Have we convinced you yet that Facebook and Instagram Ads are a decent investment?

Why Google Ads?

The term “Google” is no longer just a brand name or a website. It’s a verb. You know, a ‘doing’ word. If you are having a chat with some friends and someone asks a question that no one knows the answer to, you will “Google it”. 

It’s a pretty powerful search engine. Actually, according to a report released in January 2018, almost 75% of searches were powered by Google. I mean, if your Grandma who has never touched a computer and has an old, dodgy flip-phone that can’t connect to the Internet knows what ‘Google’ is – you know it’s a big deal.

According to this report, Google owns more than 90% of the  worldwide search market, with the average person performing 3-4 Google searches a day.

So are Google Ads better for service-based or e-commerce businesses?

Short answer: they are great for both! If your target audience is intentionally searching for your product or service on Google, then they’d benefit your business!

Google is a search engine, and a powerful one at that. You’ve likely heard of SEO [search engine optimisation]. There are a number of factors that contribute to how search-engine friendly [or optimised] your website is. From the keywords that your webpages include to the kinds of links you drive traffic to, and the sites that drive traffic to your website.

All of this content and metadata helps Google determine the authority of your website and how credible the content is. And this is exactly why some websites rank higher than others on the first page of Google – their SEO.

This organic ranking your website gets on Google through SEO is incredibly important. BUT it is an ongoing, long-term commitment and can take a bit longer to see results.

That’s where Google Ads come in!

It’s a quicker way of getting traffic to your website, because you’re paying for your webpages to be shown on the first page of Google in the form of ads.

If you have a mobile-optimised website with great user experience and are wanting to drive traffic to your site in order to maximise conversions, such as generate service leads or product sales, Google Ads can be a great investment for your brand!

Whenever you are searching for something, Google is most people’s go-to. So you want to be playing in the arena where the search [and purchase] intent is high and relevant. Ensuring your business is top of mind not only increases brand awareness, but can increase leads and sales.

For example, if your business provides a service to a local target audience, bidding on keywords related to the queries your audience would be searching for will help your website to be shown on the first page of Google.

So…thinking of Google Ads now are we?


ads strategy & mentoring

1:1 Strategy Workshop

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to marketing your business through Facebook or Google Ads? In this once-off Strategy Call, you’ll get dedicated 1:1 time with Jess to workshop through your ad challenges and discuss a plan of attack for your overall strategy.

This workshop will have Jess audit your existing Facebook or Google campaigns prior to the call to maximise time during the Strategy Workshop in providing you with recommendations to improve your strategy.

6-Week Mentorship

Ever wanted to pick an Ads Manager’s brain whenever you’d like? To bounce ideas off someone who lives and breathes Google and Facebook Ads every single day?

This 6-week Mentorship is designed for Ads Managers or Social Media Managers already running Facebook and/or Google Ads campaigns for their own business or clients, but seeking the support and advice of another Ads Manager. You will have my 1:1 support via fortnightly 60min. mentoring calls and unlimited email support.

the process

Fill out the website contact form and you will automatically receive my Services Guide and Consultation Form. The Consult Form will allow me to learn more about your business, target audiences, marketing objectives and budget. If we seem like a good fit, I’ll send you a link to book in a free, 30min. discovery call to chat further.

I will send through a Services Agreement and an invoice for deposit to lock in the work. Once the signed contract and payment has been received, I will send you instructions for granting me access to necessary platforms. We’ll discuss the strategy that we are going to be implementing for done-for-you social media or search engine marketing packages.

I will provide you with a breakdown of everything I need to ensure we can begin implementing our proposed strategies. This includes content for creatives, links to any specific landing pages and an overall timeline for us to follow. This is the fun part – it’s time to make some marketing magic together!

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