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Set up your Google Ads campaigns with the support of an Ads Expert

Designed for small-to-medium business owners seeking a Google Ads Manager to set up a full campaign strategy through Google Ads, while providing full training on the platform, campaign creation, and ongoing management.

You will have my 1:1 support for 8 weeks, and walk away with confidence in setting up and optimising campaigns internally moving forward to save on management fees.

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google ads results

The best part about Google Ads is that you pay per click. What this means is that if someone searches for electricians in sydney and your ad displays (called an impression), but they don’t click on it, Google won’t charge you a cent.

Essentially, you get free brand awareness for all of your ad impressions.

This long-term client spent $1,961.80 on Google Ads in one month to promote their e-commerce maternity clothing brand.

The ads generated the following results:

– Clicks: 4,947 (clicks through to the website)
– Impressions: 150,791 (times our ads were displayed)
Average CPC: $0.40 (average cost per click on our ads)
– Average CTR: 3.28% (average click-through rate on our ads)
– Conversions: 142 (purchases made as a result of Google Ads)
– Conversion Value: $15,716.47
– Return on Ad Spend: 8.01x

In other words? We made back $8 for every $1 spent on Google Ads during this month – turning almost $2k of ad spend into over $15.7k worth of sales.

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