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Whether you are a small business owner looking to DIY your own Facebook & Instagram Ads,
or you are a social media manager or marketer looking to upskill…

there is a package for you!

smm client results

How would you like to turn $1.7k into $21.8k?

These results are *real* results from my monthly social media marketing clients who outsource their Facebook and Instagram Ads to JES Solution Marketing.

From online clothing stores to digital products, a high return on ad spend can ABSOLUTELY be possible when you set up your ad campaigns strategically.

This is exactly what you’ll learn in our 1:1 Facebook Ads training together.

You will discover how to use the Ads Manager platform effectively for your business, and how to implement a strategic marketing funnel within your advertising.

It is important that you recognise that results like these don’t happen overnight. There are many factors that need to be considered, such as investing time and money into gathering data from cold audiences in order to set up remarketing campaigns. Sound like something you’d like to DIY? Keep scrolling!

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