done-for-you GOOGLE ADS management

Who is done-for-you monthly Google Ads Management designed for?

Our done-for-you Google Ads Management package is perfect for small-to-medium business owners with an established and growing business, ready to invest in generating leads and/or sales on autopilot.

They are seeking a dedicated Google Ads Manager to create and implement the strategy, and continually monitor and optimise the campaigns to ensure their ads are running effectively.

What’s so good about Google Ads anyway?

Whenever you are searching for something, Google is most people’s go-to search engine. So you want to be playing in the arena where the search [and purchase] intent is high and relevant to ensure your business is top of mind.

By bidding on keywords that your ideal customer is intentionally searching for, you are not only increasing brand awareness [for free], you are driving qualified website traffic, leads and sales. 

client results

The best part about Google Ads is that you pay per click. What this means is that if someone searches for electricians in sydney and your ad displays (called an impression), but they don’t click on it, Google won’t charge you a cent.

Essentially, you get free brand awareness for all of your ad impressions.

This long-term client spent $1,961.80 on Google Ads in one month to promote their e-commerce maternity clothing brand.

The ads generated the following results:

– Clicks: 4,947 (clicks through to the website)
– Impressions: 150,791 (times our ads were displayed)
Average CPC: $0.40 (average cost per click on our ads)
– Average CTR: 3.28% (average click-through rate on our ads)
– Conversions: 142 (purchases made as a result of Google Ads)
– Conversion Value: $15,716.47
– Return on Ad Spend: 8.01x

In other words? We made back $8 for every $1 spent on Google Ads during this month – turning almost $2k of ad spend into over $15.7k worth of sales.

Looking to get your business in front of those who are actively and intentionally searching for what you offer? Let’s chat Google Ads!

who we work with & client criteria

In order to ensure we are both setting our working relationship up for success, please read through our Google Ads client criteria below before filling out the contact form:

  • You must have a product and/or service that already exists and has been sold online successfully before – organically through your community and/or via paid ads. 
  • You must have genuine testimonials or reviews from real clients that you have worked with and/or customers that have purchased from you.
  • You must have a mobile-optimised website that is driving consistent daily traffic.
  • You must have made sales or generated leads successfully in the past via your website.
  • Your website must be currently promoting the product and/or service that you are wanting to advertise through paid ads.
  • You must be willing to spend the minimum monthly ad spend of $1,500/mth that is recommended. This ad spend is paid directly to Google from your Ads account, and is an additional cost to the package price.

the process

Fill out the website contact form and you will automatically receive my Services Guide and Consultation Form. The Consult Form will allow me to learn more about your business, target audiences, marketing objectives and budget. If we seem like a good fit, I’ll send you a link to book in a free, 30min. discovery call to chat further.

I will send through a Services Agreement and an invoice for deposit to lock in the work. Once the signed contract and payment has been received, I will send you instructions for granting me access to necessary platforms. We’ll discuss the strategy that we are going to be implementing for done-for-you social media or search engine marketing packages.

I will provide you with a breakdown of everything I need to ensure we can begin implementing our proposed strategies. This includes content for creatives, links to any specific landing pages and an overall timeline for us to follow. This is the fun part – it’s time to make some marketing magic together!!

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