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The term “Google” is no longer just a brand name or a website. It’s a verb. You know, a ‘doing’ word. If you are having a chat with some friends and someone asks a question that no one knows the answer to, you will “Google it”.


of searches were powered by Google

It’s a pretty powerful search engine. Actually, according to a report released in January 2018, almost 75% of searches were powered by Google. I mean, if your Grandma who has never touched a computer and has an old, dodgy flip-phone that can’t connect to the Internet knows what ‘Google’ is – you know it’s a big deal. 

So is search engine marketing something your business would benefit from?

If you are a service-based business, then the answer is probably yes. Particularly if you have a mobile-optimised website with great user experience and are wanting to drive traffic to your site in order to maximise conversions, such as generate leads.

Whenever you are searching for something, Google is most people’s go-to. So you want to be playing in the arena where the search intent is high and relevant. Ensuring your business is top of mind not only increases brand awareness, but can increase leads and sales.

For example, if your business provides a service to a local target audience, bidding on keywords related to the queries your audience would be searching for will help your website to be shown on the first page of Google. 

client results

The best part about Google Ads is that you pay per click. What this means is that if someone searches for electricians in sydney and your ad displays (called an impression), but they don’t click on it, Google won’t charge you a cent.

Essentially, you get free brand awareness for all of your ad impressions.

This client spent $5,778 on Google Ads over a three-month period. 
The ads generated the following results:

– Clicks: 16,205 (clicks through to the website)
– Impressions: 723,588 (times our ads were displayed)
Average CPC: $0.36 (average cost per click on our ads)
– Average CTR: 2.24% (average click-through rate on our ads)
– Conversions: 454 (purchases made as a result of Google Ads)

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the process

Determine the potential for social media and search engine marketing or a content strategy.

Propose relevant and appropriate strategies that fit within the budget you are comfortable with.

Implement the proposed strategies and work together to make the magic happen!

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